Endorsement of National Prison Strike 2018

We, the Albuquerque Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America, have voted to endorse the 2018 Prison Strike and announce the organization of a solidarity action in support of the strike to take place on Saturday, September 1st at 6:30 pm. The action will be held outside the federal courthouse at 4th & Lomas in downtown Albuquerque.

The demands of the incarcerated individuals participating in the strike can be found here. Our support for the strike, be it in the form of work stoppage, refusal to eat, sit-ins, or boycotts, is driven by our principles as socialists. Our action is intended to express the following:

1.       The recognition and affirmation of the humanity and rights of all incarcerated individuals.

2.       A call that the national demands of incarcerated people protesting their conditions be met immediately and without repercussions.

3.       An iteration of our vision for a world without prisons.  The demands currently made are but breathing room to organize and make increasingly larger steps on the way to the abolition of the carceral state. There is nothing utopian in our aims; a world without prisons is a requisite for true freedom.

4.       Our intention to highlight the disturbing lack of media coverage given to the prison strike at both a local and national level. Particularly as modern-day prison slavery is an extension of chattel slavery, one of the greatest injustices the world has ever seen, it is appalling to see the public kept unaware of this struggle.

5.       The promotion of an understanding of the broader connections between the struggle of incarcerated individuals and those on the outside. Prisoners are workers, prisoners are disproportionately working-class and non-white, and the exploitation of prison labor is being used to prop up cheap prices of consumer goods for the sake of profit.

As socialists, these are our intentions, and we will fight on the outside for our comrades on the inside. For the abolition of prison slavery, for the abolition of the carceral state, and a truly free world.

In solidarity,

Albuquerque DSA