Endorsement of New Mexico Open Primaries

In the State of New Mexico, those voters who have chosen not to select a major political party (referred to as “decline-to-state” voters) are currently prohibited from voting in primary elections. In today’s political climate, many voters do not feel that any major party represents their interests. However, those voters who choose not to align with a major party are effectively disenfranchised, prevented from having their say in a critical step of the electoral process.

The New Mexico Open Primaries campaign is working to restore full representation of decline-to-state voters by allowing individuals not affiliated with a major party to vote in the primary election of the party of their choosing. This initiative, now filed in the New Mexico House of Representatives as HB 93, will lead to more competitive elections with better representation of New Mexico residents, instead of major party donors. Most importantly, it will reinforce democratic representation: voting at all stages of the electoral process should be a right of every citizen, not just those citizens who support a major party. No voter should be required to declare their membership in a major party in order to enjoy the full right to the ballot box.

By consent of the December 2018 general meeting, the Albuquerque DSA endorses New Mexico Open Primaries and HB 93. Direct action to support HB 93 are in planning now. If you are interested in joining us in supporting this important reform, join our mailing list for more information.