Statement on the Killing of a Guatemalan Boy by the United States

The Albuquerque Democratic Socialists of America has resolved to condemn the killing of an eight-year-old Guatemalan boy at the hands of U.S. immigration officials today, December 25th, in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

Our choice of words intentionally contradicts the mainstream narrative regarding the deaths of the currently unidentified boy and seven-year-old Guatemalan girl Jakelin Caal earlier this month. Their deaths are not unfortunate accidents but trial balloons for a white nationalist agenda long in process and rapidly accelerating before our eyes.

We must also mention and condemn the U.S. government’s long history of imperialism in Guatemala and Central America. American military and economic actions have been directly responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of Guatemalans and the displacement of well over a million more.
Immigrants and refugees are being denied their agency and freedom of movement, and more and more frequently being killed, by a government illegitimately established on stolen land. We reject this state of affairs and insist on the dismantling of CBP, ICE, and the white nationalist and imperialist structures plaguing the global community.