Statement on the Coup in Bolivia

The Albuquerque Democratic Socialists of America condemn the right-wing military coup which has forced Evo Morales to resign as President of Bolivia and flee to Mexico for the sake of his safety.

Chalking this event up to disputed election results, as mainstream media coverage has done, is extremely disingenuous. While the Organization of American States has declared the legitimacy of Bolivia’s election results suspect, they’ve provided no evidence to support their conclusion. Further scrutiny has also failed to produce evidence for their claims, with a statistical analysis conducted by the Center for Economic and Policy Research finding no evidence of irregularities or fraud in the vote tallies. Furthermore, the fact that the United States is the largest financial contributor to the OAS and accounted for 44% of the organization’s funding in 2017 clearly indicates that the OAS cannot be impartial on this issue. This is a coup, and it is part of a historical pattern of imperialist violence being used to quash democratically-elected socialist governments and silence indigenous voices.

As a member of the Aymara people, Morales was the first indigenous president of Bolivia. His political legacy includes the expansion of rights for the indigenous majority, widespread reduction of poverty, and re-nationalization of Bolivia’s oil and gas resources. This coup is not just an attack on Evo Morales, but an attack on his indigeneity and socialist principles. Since his removal, right-wing forces have burned the homes of his cabinet members, destroyed the Wiphala flag, and committed acts of violence against indigenous protestors

We stand for truth, socialism, and indigenous rights. We stand with Evo Morales and Bolivia.