For Immediate Release: Trigger Warning: Death, Grief

We, the Albuquerque Democratic Socialists of America, are deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Hannah Colton, local reporter and news director at KUNM. We also want to pass on our deepest condolences to her friends, family, and colleagues.

Hannah was a friend of the chapter and wrote positively about our Brake Light Clinics and other work.

Her passing is a loss for all of Albuquerque, she will be missed.

For more information about memorials, please follow KUNM for more updates.

As stated in the KUNM’s article “Please keep your loved ones close. And please know that if you need to talk to someone you don’t know (because sometimes that really helps), there are places to do that, too.
There’s the state’s Warmline for non-crisis calls. 1-855-466-7100.
The Crisis and Access Line is 1-855-NM-CRISIS.”