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Brake Light Clinic

  • 8016 Zuni Road Southeast Albuquerque, NM, 87108 United States (map)
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We will be hosting a clinic to repair or replace broken brake lights and repaint license plates for area residents free of charge. Adapted from a program piloted by New Orleans DSA, this public service event aims to increase vehicle and driver safety and also reduce the likelihood of encounters with law enforcement and the costly tickets, fines, and court appearances that can follow. Volunteers, visitors, and donations are appreciated.

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6:00 PM18:00

Socialize with Socialists

The next Socialize with Socialists event will be a game night! Come meet other socialists in a relaxed setting on January 18th at 6 PM at Ettin Games - all are welcome. Ettin is a family owned game shop with a no-cost board game library. They sell snacks and board games, but outside food is allowed - please support the venue if you can.

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12:00 PM12:00

Fourth of the Lie, Hosted by May Day 505 Coalition

Reject the lie of the #FourthofJuly! Neither Africans, nor Natives, nor any peoples exploited and brutalized by American settler colonialism knew freedom at the inception of this so-called holiday in 1776. The exploitation and murder of our ancestors continued unabated as the myth of this country was born. Join May Day 505 at Phil Chacon Park on Wednesday July 4th as we celebrate the #FourthoftheLie: an afternoon of revolutionary speakers, music, delicious shared food (with vegan options!), flag burning, and international and working class solidarity against oppression. Join us at the park as we expose the lie of American Independence Day and continue to build Albuquerque's movement for social justice and against imperialism, capitalism, and colonialism - all while having a great time with good food on a beautiful day. This event is free and open to all: families, children, elders, LGBTQ folks welcome!

May Day 505 is a grassroots coalition of radical community organizations based in Albuquerque. We are:
Albuquerque IWW
Black Rose / Rosa Negra - Albuquerque
All African People's Revolutionary Party - New Mexico
Albuquerque Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America
The Red Nation
Millions for Prisoners New Mexico
African & Native Solidarity - Albuquerque

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